Friday, 31 October 2014

Three Inspirations

It has been a huge month for Christchurch Connected Educators.  When planning our 31 Days of Blogging we thought it would be a tall order to get 31 different blog posts... but we did!  In fact, we even punched above our 31. Bridget Compton-Moen (one super sparky teacher!) aptly entitled our first post "Christchurch Teachers Rock" - yes they do!

To round off our month of blogging the Christchurch Connected Educators committee will finish this challenge by sharing three people/groups that have inspired them to become a connected educator. It's tough to narrow it down to only 3!

Julie Peterson

Julie's Google+

Julie is our Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning at St Margaret's College.  She was the one that suggested I give Twitter a go and we took the plunge together.  Julie has supported and encouraged me to give anything a go and is a leader who is walking the talk!

Karen Meluish-Spencer

Karen's Google+  
Karen's blog - "Disrupt & Transform"

A massive thanks to Karen for heading up Connected Educator Month here in New Zealand. We all love Karen's amazing energy and passion!  She is a thought leader in education and has connected so many people in a range of exciting ways.

Jim Sill


Jim Sill is a Google Apps guru and is part of the EdTech Team.  I first heard him speak at the GAFE Summit in Christchurch earlier this year.  Jim is brilliant at providing demos (often winning the GAFE Summit demo slams) on new Google features. He has a great Youtube channel that is worth checking out.

Posted by Aimie Sibson, Digital  Learning Facilitator at St Margaret's College
@Aimiesibson, +AimieSibson


  1. Thanks Aimie! Right back at 'cha!!!

    We did it. Can you believe it? Funny to think at one stage we thought we'd get enough posts for one every four or five days! Hooray for growth mindsets!

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