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Our Story:

A group of Christchurch teachers came together with a shared vision to create a community of practice for Canterbury Educators in order to connect, collaborate and share good practice across the region. We launched this PLG in June 2014 and the uptake was incredibly positive. This extended to an active contribution to Connected Educator Month in October 2014. Live events included a Creative Commons evening with Matt McGregor, Creative Commons New Zealand. Our blog was launched with 31 Days of Blogging and Christchurch educators were given "the spotlight" to share good practice. Since then, we have organised EduCamps and social events to connect Christchurch educators. Christchurch is an exciting place to be!

Developing a Community of Practice - Finding your Wolfpack

  • To establish and foster a wide community of practice. 
  • To facilitate and promote learning initiatives that support and strengthen the Canterbury community. 
  • For educators within the region to become more connected. 

  • To create a digital space where Canterbury teachers can inspire, support and connect with one another. 
  • To facilitate and promote a variety of events for professional learning, forming connections and sharing resources. 
  • To develop a culture that supports educators to connect, collaborate and share. 
  • To provide a vehicle to support Canterbury teachers in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes and the ongoing challenges to schools, teachers and students. 

Please share via the hashtag #CHCHED

Key Drivers of Christchurch Connected Educators:

Bridget Compton-Moen - Selwyn House School
Aimie Sibson - Linc-Ed
Pauline Henderson - CORE Education
Matt Nicoll - Rolleston College
Karyn Gray - Haeata Community Campus
Rob Clarke - Learning Architects

We would love to expand this group and if you are interested then please fill in this google form:

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