Tuesday, 29 July 2014


At SciCon14 in Dunedin, #scichatNZ was born. This hashtag was intended to help maintain the connections between attendees and provide ongoing support via Twitter for Science Educators. Rachel Chisnall (@ibpossum) deserves all the credit for this wonderful initiative.

Barely a week later, Matt Nicoll (@mattynicoll) jumped on Rachel's coat-tails and suggested a fortnightly #scichatNZ chat, much like #edchatNZ. Before long, there was a lot of support and Chhaya Narayan (@ChhayaNarayan) offered to join Rachel and Matt to form the nucleus of the #scichatNZ team.

Now, it is time...
Our inaugural chat is happening at 8:30pm NZ time on Thursday 31 July. This is a week when #edchatNZ is not on, so there will be no clash with that prior engagement of your's.

Topic: Maintaining Students' Love for Science
Exemplar Questions:
- What are your feelings when you recall Science at school?
- What do you love about teaching Science?
- How do you maintain your own love for Science?
- What do you see as the biggest barriers to student enjoyment of Science in school?
How do we keep students engaged in Science?
- Why do students (and the community) perceive Science as "hard"?
- How does your current Science teaching cater for students' inherent passions/interests in Science?

I hope you can join us on Thursday night, either to contribute or to learn.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Welcome, Greetings, Kia ora

Kia ora and Welcome to the Christchurch Educators Network blog. We will also link in our  Google Doc.