Friday, 31 October 2014

Three Inspirations

Only three inspirations?
This was a hard task to narrow down the three people /events/ groups  that have influenced me as a teacher, learner and educator.

1) Ewan McIntosh - I first met Ewan McIntosh when he came to my school about five, possibly six years ago.  He spent the day talking to various groups about using technology for learning. In the session with the English department he showed us a video game and talked passionately about how it could be used as a starter for creative writing. I was hooked! No-one else seemed to be, but I think that was the first time I understood the power of being connected. Here was this educator, from Scotland, in far away Christchurch, sharing ideas about teaching and learning.

2) eFellowship et al - the journey, the growing, the people. Being an eFellow  in 2013has changed how I think about teaching, learning, and being connected. Michael Winter says "the eFellows is a life sentence (but in  a good way). I have learnt so much from all the amazing people connected with
the eFellowship.

3)Educamps are a fantastic way to share, learn and connect with other like-minded EE's (eLearning enthusiasts). I have attended and/or facilitated eight educamps with another one happening on November 22nd here in Christchurch. I have met so many incredible teachers at educamps who have inspired, motivated and befriended me. And what happens at educamp stays on the shared google doc
or is tweeted out so everyone can be connected with the learning and sharing that is happening.

This #chched blog project has been incredible and has exceeded any idea we had about what people might share. I have been in awe of the teachers who have taken the time to write blogposts and share what they are doing and to give us all a little peek into your classes, thank you all.



  1. I agree with your comment about this blogging team, Pauline. Starting as a wee idea for Connected Educator Month, it has been a remarkable collaborative effort, cracking open the windows on practice across your region. I do hope this is the beginning of a regional 'posse of practitioners' who work together to make what's happening in Chch visible. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Karen. I agree, there has been a wonderfully diverse sharing of fabulous ideas, tools and practice. As Bridget says, a echoed by Aimie "Christchurch Teachers Rock!"

  2. Nice job, Pauline! You're a real inspiration- thanks for getting this all underway. I love being part of such a positive group. x