Monday, 30 January 2017

Good Luck three new schools in Christchurch!

                                           (image sourced from Pixabay)  

2017 sees three new schools open here in Christchurch. Haeata in Aranui - a Yr1-13 school, Lemonwood Grove,  a new primary school in Rolleston and Rolleston College a  new Secondary school in Rolleston. Rolleston college begins the year with just year 9 students while Haeata has students from Aranui Primary, Avondale and Wainoni Primary as well as secondary students from Aranui High School.

Here are the links to their websites
Haeata Campus
Rolleston College

New teachers and leaders from both Rolleston and Haeata contributed to the 2016
 "31Days of blogging" challenge and shared their views on moving to new schools and their learning journeys. They are all great posts and well worth reading.

Wishing all schools in the Canterbury area a great start to the 2017 school year!

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