Friday, 7 October 2016

Less than 72hours till Term4 begins!!

Day 7 #CENZ16 Starter Kete Day 7 - Facebook

Day 3 - uLearn16   DIYPD  
       Shoutout to the Twitter Tribe #notatulearn16

After a great night of a "Kiwiana themed" conference dinner, 
it was back onto the buses to go to a variety of venues around Rotorua for an 8.30 start for the final morning of workshops and ending with a keynote by Karen Spencer who congratulated over 1800 educators on spending 3 days of their holidays on their own PD , but also mentioned that there was only 72hours until Term 4!

I decided to go to the early morning CENZ Conversations which were live streamed, so educators who were not at uLearn16 could also benefit from the free PD. Viv Hall @vivhall talked about Throughput the three days a large group of educators  including @Allanahk @kerriatamatea @mrs_hyde @AKeenReader have been tweeting using the #notatulearn16 hashtag. This is a fun way to connect with others notatulearn, but also a great way for DIYPD.  There have been many free webinars throughout the year - check out enabling e-learning, but all the webinars from EEL and CENZ are available online if you missed them.

Another way to gather up the free PD resources is to search for the hashtags #notatulearn16 and #ulearn16 to see how teachers have recorded and shared their learning. This may just be a brief quote from a speaker, a presentation from a workshop to a collaborative
google doc. 

One amazing way to record the speakers is the use of sketchnotes. 
Sylvia Duckworth @sylviaduckworth is a well-known educator and creator of  graphics created using sketch notes. (See above)
And here is a summary of Larry Rosenstock's keynote  from Day1.

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