Friday, 14 October 2016

Day 14 - Reminder about this opportunity and more on Getting Connected

Make links to early literacy and numeracy with a hands-on workshop enabling young children’s learning with STEAM subjects.

When: Friday 28th October
Where: Sumner School
Cost: $100 - morning tea and lunch provided
Register by: Monday 17th October

Day 14 - Webinars - what are you learning?
Are you taking the opportunity to find some DIYPD? Check out this webinar coming up soon.


In this TED talk by Will Richardson, he shares how his two children are directing their own learning on subjects that interest them. In this video "The Surprising Truth about Learning in Schools" he looks at how students learn, why this is changing and the large numbers of disengaged students sitting in our classes.
In classrooms all over the world we are seeing that how students learn is changing. Students are connecting globally by Skype, collaborating with other students in their own class, school and with other schools. They use snapchat, instagram and Facebook to connect with friends. They upload to You Tube, have a YouTube channel and see You Tube as a way of getting information about
areas of interest. They do just "google it" and watch the video.

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