Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What is #educampChch?

.........and why do you not want to miss this?       Address is 142 Kilmore, not 172     

So here's the definition.....

"EduCampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on digital learning and education, and we're all about growing your learning, networking, and of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate..."

Basically, it is a whole lot of completely awesome; a mini-conference lead by the people in the room based on what they want to learn and share. You don't know in advance what you might learn but you DO know for sure it will be awesome and you will leave with a head full of new ideas and inspiration and a whole lot of new friends.

Lollies, Coffee, new friends and lots of learning!

The morning starts with the essentials (caffeine!) and then moves into a "Smackdown" which is a fun way of sharing quick and awesome ideas.

Here's EducampChch 2014's Smackdown, an amazing smorgasbord of ideas. There is always something new to be learned during the smackdown.

Here's the link to Smackdown 2015. Feel free to add something you'd like to share.

Christmas Tree + MakeyMakey = Awesome!
After morning tea and the forming of new and old connections, we break into workshops depending educamp participants want to learn and share. If you have something great happening in your classroom, consider sharing it with others in a small, informal workshop. The educamp setting is incredibly supportive and unthreatening and you'll find participants are always grateful to learn from each other. So if have you something to share, jump in! Everyone is invited to participate but if you feel like simply listening and soaking it all up this time, that's fine too!
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We'd absolutely love it if you joined us. Sign up here and bring a friend.

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