Thursday, 22 October 2015


Last term the Fendalton School Tech Wizards held a Tech Talk evening to share their digital learning with parents and teachers.

The purpose of the evening was for students to demonstrate the benefits of digital technology and how this helps them learn in the classroom by sharing their learnings and skills. More than 30 parents and teachers attended. It was great to see adults asking questions about the different programs and having a go at using them. It was also fantastic to hear the children confidently explaining the features and benefits of their chosen topic.

24 students worked individually, in pairs or in groups of 3. Their topics included Google apps, Movemote for recording videos, Scratch for coding and the Tech Wizards programme. The evening was run 'speed dating' style with two rotations of 7 topics, each held for 7-8 minutes.

Some students had previously spoken at the Burnside Cluster Learning Community Unconference and confidently presented their talks. For others, it was the first time they had shared 1-to-1 with adults so they spent the previous three weeks writing scripts, preparing examples and practising the delivery of their presentations at Tech Wizard time. Some were a little nervous at first but the students soon relaxed and enjoyed the experience!

"It was a really good experience to share our learning with others because some new people have now joined Tech Wizards." Georgiana, Year 6.

"It was nice for my parents to see what I do on digital devices because now they know what I can use for my learning." Hugh, Year 6

"It was a great opportunity for people to find out what they didn't know about technology." Lucia, Year 5

"I was quite nervous at the start of the Tech Talk but once I got the hang of how to say things and show things it was really easy and fun." Issac, Year 5

About the Tech Wizards
The Tech Wizards are a group of 30+ Year 5 and 6 students my colleague Carmen Dodd and I work with before school on Fridays. The focus for this group is to extend their digital technology skills and to assist others. They work towards criteria to earn digital badges and are encouraged to explore new technologies, share their findings and collaboratively problem-solve to find new ways to enhance their learning. To read more you can visit the ICT blog:

Glenys Williams - Assistant Principal at Fendalton Open-air Primary School

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