Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fantastic Learning Opportunity for your students!

LEARNZ and Learning with Digital Technologies- this is a great free, online resource to engage your learners.
LEARNZ virtual field trips are free, supported online experiences that take students and teachers to places throughout New Zealand and beyond, where they link with experts to investigate and explore their world. Updated February 2015.)

Photo:In a dry bed of a braided river Andrew the LEARNZ Teacher interviews DoC scientist Lorraine Cook, who explains the adaptations of “scab weed” for a video on a LEARNZ Wetland Biodiversityvirtual field trip.

A LEARNZ field trip models a real field trip:

  1. Preparation: web site content and activities for students, support material for teachers such as curriculum integration (from 1 month before), free PLD webinars
  2. Field trip: Usually 3 action-packed days with diaries, podcasts, tweets, plus videos uploaded overnight. Live audio conferences between schools and experts in the field including a backchannel companion using MoE’s Adobe Connect, all managed by the LEARNZ team. Opportunities to engage further using social media like twitter.
  3. Follow up: evaluation, field trip prize and reflection (up to 1 month after).
LEARNZ can help you tick the boxes (scroll down for 2015 field trips)

  • New Zealand content, including custom videos made in the field
  • Inquiry based e-Learning
  • Real experiences and e-Learning in context
  • Supports the Vision, Principles and Key Competencies of the NZ Curriculum
  • Fits neatly onto the e-Learning Planning Framework
  • Fosters teacher professional learning and development - PLD
  • Promotes reflective teaching practice
  • Field trips for specific Learning Areas like Science, Social Sciences, The Arts, PE-Health
  • Multi-level content with field trips for primary, intermediate and secondary audiences
  • Te Reo Māori keywords and narrations
  • Pasifika keywords for specific content on selected field trips
  • Narrations of specific content to support emerging readers and ELL/ESOL learners
  • Mainstream experience with support for Special Needs Education
  • School-home partnership via a separate login, set up by the classroom teacher
  • Motivating and topical, encouraging classes to take action in their local area
  • Real-time opportunities using web conferencing and social media such as twitter
  • Engaging and fun for teachers and students
  • Teacher helpline
  • MoE supported

LEARNZis at is part of CORE

LEARNZ virtual field trips in 2015 - updated January 2015, below:
Teachers, Register now at It’s free.
Choose LEARNZ field trips at
LEARNZ Group for teachers on the VLN -

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