Thursday, 11 December 2014

Are we there yet? Can I start reading now?

I am on holiday, well almost! Just those few last bits and pieces to tidy up and put away. Most Secondary schools are finishing this week, with Primary schools next week. In the midst of tabloid sports, report checking, textbook return,prize givings, the Year 8 farewells... some of us have may even be thinking of beaches, picnics, holidays and even some holiday reading. (No, I have not forgotten that Christmas is also in there!)

However, I have also been thinking about my holiday reading both digital and analogue! Obviously, there will be new recipe books (Xmas pressie hint!) Chick Lit, Murder Mystery, next year's Year 12 novel and the third Hunger Games book I need to read before I see the movie!

However, there are also lots of books recommended by a wide variety of people, that I also need to
get onto my reading list. Some of these have been mentioned on this blog, so I thought a crowdsourced holiday reading list would be useful. Feel free to add your suggestion.

Here is the link to the list

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