Thursday, 9 October 2014

Support from the St Margaret's College Library with Referencing and Bibliographies

Blog Post from Sarah Coursey, St Margaret's College, Library and e-Learning Centre Manager

I recently visited our year 12 IB girls to talk to them about referencing and bibliographies.   I watched as their faces fell while I explained the Harvard referencing system and how you needed to have the full stops, commas and brackets in the right places, that the title is italicised and you have to put everything in the right order but that it can depend on what kind of resource you are referencing.  You could see the dread in their eyes as they envisioned having to trawl through those lists of how to format different resources and set out their bibliography appropriately.

The relief was palpable when I introduced Cite This For Me - a wee gem of an online tool that will create you a perfectly formatted reference list.  You just enter the information about your resource and it does the rest!  Check out the screencast below to see just how easy it is!


  1. Thanks so much Sarah for sharing this really useful online tool for bibliographies. Love little gems like this post!!!:-)

  2. Outstanding - straight to the Bookmarks bar! Thanks Sarah!

  3. Nice Sarah..!!
    Outstanding work..!!
    the full stops, commas and brackets have to be in the right places so the blog should look great and the Title should be on it's right order.
    thanks for sharing this useful online tool for bibliographies.